Axor Citterio E and Axor Universal Accessories.

High-quality – elegant

A timeless well-being bathroom for two

Let yourself be captivated by a bathroom that will make your daily encounter with water something special: There is a seamless visual link between the shower area and the panoramic view outside, while the bathroom’s floor-level bathtub offers a relaxing bath with a view. An elegant, feel-good environment is created out of the interplay of harmonious colors, as well as a lighting system that brings both light and nature inside via a skilfully placed mirror. A double wash basin adds the perfect finishing touch to this dream bathroom and offers individual comfort for two.

The timeless and elegant look of this bathroom can be realized using Axor Citterio E and Axor Universal Accessories, for example. The soft shapes and clean lines combine a classic look with modern functionality. The Axor Citterio E collection offers a wide range of bathroom solutions for enhancing day-to-day life. The accessories can be used universally to suit your own personal preferences while creating high-quality impressions in a range of different style worlds.

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