Open shower scene with Hansgrohe showerpipe.

Transparency in the bathroom – unmasking what is usually concealed

Glass is on trend in room design and architecture

In home décor, there is a movement towards openness and clarity: from the couch to the kitchen unit, transparency is on trend. There is a demand for floor-to-ceiling windows which open up the view to the outside, using as few frames as possible. Moreover, technology which was previously concealed is now permitted to protrude in an aesthetic manner. For example, we can now marvel at the emphatic structural design of modern architecture, witness the concept of transparent manufacturing, or even examine the elegance of a ventilation hood. This penchant for open design particularly benefits the shower area, which is an increasingly prominent feature in those bathrooms that also serve as living spaces. Here, hansgrohe has observed that there is a trend towards clarity, the appearance of tranquility and the use of glass as a material.

Contemporary shower areas are becoming more spacious, but without being too obtrusive. The trend is for solutions which blend in smoothly with the architecture: floor-level showers big enough for two, no frames or door mechanism, minimalist with an almost invisible pane of glass acting as a splash guard. One trend-watcher, the internationally acclaimed Phoenix Design studio, puts it in a nutshell:

“Water is breaking out of its niche to become an integral part of the room.” (Andreas Diefenbach, Business Design Manager at Phoenix Design)

However, in an age of urbanisation, and with the quickening pace of many aspects of life, it also means “that this is becoming a more personalised space and, notably, more tranquil”, said Andreas Diefenbach. The clarity and tranquil bathroom architecture currently in demand are supported by functions which blend in smoothly with the overall bathroom design – such as glass shelves and spray discs, whose minimalist design language is truly impressive.

“Glass and water are the best of friends. Glass, just like water, is something that is universal and also universally understood.” (Andreas Diefenbach, Phoenix Design)

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