Open shower scene with Hansgrohe showerpipe.

Transparency in the bathroom – making hidden aspects visible

Glass is in fashion for room design and architecture

Openness and clarity are in demand in homes, with transparency from the couch to the kitchen a current favorite. Windows should be without frames and reach from floor to ceiling when possible to optimize the view outside. Additionally, technology that is normally hidden can be highlighted aesthetically – from accented statics in modern architecture through the transparent factory to the elegant extractor hood. The shower – which is increasingly defining the living room/bathroom – benefits from this desire for open design in particular. As Hansgrohe has observed, clarity, a calm design and the use of glass are currently extremely popular here at the moment.

Contemporary shower areas are becoming more spacious without becoming overpowering. Currently in fashion are solutions that blend in perfectly with the architecture – floor-even showers with space for two, without frames or door mechanisms, minimalist and with a virtually invisible glass panel to protect against splashes. The trendsetters from the internationally renowned studio Phoenix Design sum the situation up perfectly:

“The water experience is developing from a niche in the corner into a holistic experience that fills the room.” (Andreas Diefenbach, Business Design Manager at Phoenix Design)

However, in these times of urbanization and the faster pace of many areas of life, this also means “that this room is becoming more personal and above all a calmer place,” according to Andreas Diefenbach. The demand for clarity and a calm bathroom architecture are supported by functions that blend in harmoniously with the bathroom design as a whole – such as shelves and spray discs made from glass that impress thanks to a minimalist design.

“Glass and water are best friends. Like water, glass is something universal that is understood everywhere.”
(Andreas Diefenbach, Phoenix Design)

The new products from Hansgrohe and the Axor designer brand follow this trend perfectly: The transparent Axor Starck V lavatory faucet, for instance, meets both the demand for clarity and glass while also revealing something that was previously hidden. On the other hand, the glass used on the Rainmaker Select overhead shower and the shelf on the ShowerTablet Select takes into consideration the demand for integrating bathroom design into the architecture as harmoniously as possible. This is “through integral reduction,” as the designers from Phoenix put it.


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