Harmonious interplay

Wellbeing bathrooms in a range of different styles

Sophisticated planning dictates whether we feel a sense of wellbeing in the bathroom, and not the size of the room itself. This picks up on your own personal style – from purist to sensual or from natural to baroque – and finds an architectural solution that makes the bathroom particularly attractive.

The organic minimalist bathroom concept is so multi-faceted that a perfect individual bathroom can be realized with virtually any floor plan. Nature and architecture blend together here, while a sensual feel also combines with powerful shapes. The bathroom concept is open to emotion in the bathroom, not to mention refined touches and contrasts.

A bathroom benefits from nature

As a place of wellbeing, the organic minimalist bathroom has a connection to nature and makes generous use of natural light. The warmth of wood and feel of plastered walls also gives the room a natural atmosphere. The bathroom concept plays with exciting contrasts, where powerful shapes meet sensual materials. The flowing materials and extravagant wall surfaces also combine harmoniously with purist bathroom objects.

Open to diverse requirements

A sophisticated planning concept offers practical solutions for different user requirements. Where the room architecture allows it, the bathroom blends into the bedroom and transforms it into a communicative living space. The room is structured by connecting elements, color tones and architectural elements. The bathroom zones and how they are arranged are defined by practical processes and personal preferences – regardless of the room size.

The ideas can be realized using the Axor Starck Organic collection, for example.

Combinations in the bathroom: Be inspired!


Bathroom ideas for large and small rooms in different style worlds

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