Woman, overhead shower

Be inspired by different types of showering experience

Rediscover water

We transform showering into pure pleasure. Here, the hansgrohe and AXOR brands demonstrate the endless possibilities that are available for the shower. The shower is where the day is started, it should be a pleasurable experience. Creativity is encouraged when choosing your preferred shower experience. Be inspired!

Axor LampShower by Nendo

Design is more than just about appearance. It is the sum of aesthetics, functionality, materials, operation and experience. Axor and Hansgrohe do not leave anything to chance here.

Woman, showers, Select button
Pleasure at the touch of a button. Find out more about the Hansgrohe “Select” operating concept. It represents uncomplicated variation and convenient control in the shower.
Shower types, hand showers, handheld
Showering experience is not one size fits all. Feel the difference between our Rain, Rain Air and Whirl AIR – three jet types in a single shower. You can also find out which showering type you are.
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