Axor Universal accessories at a glance.

Axor Universal Accessories

Accessories for universal and individual use – designed by Antonio Citterio

Axor Universal Accessories are as varied as life itself. The timeless, elegant accessories meet a range of different comfort requirements – whether in a family, bachelor or cross-generational bathroom. Combine the individual elements exactly according to your wishes and available space. With soft shapes and clear lines, the universal design blends in harmoniously with different style worlds. And this is not only the case in the bathroom – the shelves, towel rack and soap dispenser are popular items in the kitchen as well.

Flexible, high-quality solutions

The individual elements in the Axor Universal Accessories are made from high-quality materials – chrome-plated glass, mirror glass and white colored glass. These are hygienic, easy to clean and durable. Axor Universal accessories are also incredibly flexible – whether used individually or combined together, the products make life in the bathroom simpler and more comfortable and are suitable for use with different Axor collections. For example, an element can either be used individually as a towel rack or as an attractive railing for attaching other accessories such as a toothbrush tumbler or soap dish – the choice is yours!

Clever details make life easier

The sophisticated solutions offered by Axor Universal accessories provide real added comfort. The dispenser for liquid soap can be operated easily with just one hand and the glass cover also offers additional space for other items in the bathroom or kitchen. Using the railings as a base for the various elements means that they are quickly at your fingertips and tailored perfectly to your requirements. You can simply combine the most regularly used accessories according to your wishes.

Further information on Axor Universal Accessories

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