Metris kitchen faucet with swiveling spout and handspray for individual flexibility at the sink unit.

New kitchen faucets: Go with the flow

Attractive tools for your kitchen – a pleasurable shower experience for your fruit and vegetables

Cooking is “in”. With its sure instinct for good products, Hansgrohe is also contributing to the international love of cooking. We are proud to present our new, state-of-the-art kitchen faucets. After all, the sink unit is the central point wherever you cook food. It is home to the most important ingredient of all – water. Together with Phoenix Design, Hansgrohe has created a design that brings a new look and outstanding freedom to your kitchen. You can choose between stainless steel or chrome – depending on what fits in best with the colors and finishes on your oven, fridge, extractor hood or handles.

Welcome to the ComfortZone!
With Hansgrohe kitchen faucets, you can experience more freedom and flexibility thanks to individually adjustable pivoting areas, extendable spouts or handsprays. Handsprays are taken hold of from the front and pulled out easily towards you. This means that no height is lost and even large pots and pans can be filled easily. After use, all handsprays can be replaced securely on the faucet shaft thanks to the MagFit magnetic holder. There is also a product version that can be easily dismantled – perfect if your kitchen sink and faucet are located in front of a window.

Metris kitchen faucets – excellent user comfort

The pleasurable shower experience has now moved into your kitchen – with versatile faucets and different jet types. The new Metris with ergonomic handle and extendable handspray makes work at the sink unit a pleasure. Metris offers two jet types normal spray and shower spray – which can be changed at the touch of a button. The normal spray fills pots and pans accurately and without splashes. You can switch to the wide shower spray for thorough cleaning and rinsing of vegetables, salad, fish or meat. The long handle allows the faucet to be turned on and off easily and the temperature to be set precisely using hands, fingers and even elbows. In addition to the dual-jet faucet, the Metris range also includes a version with a single-jet pull-out and one with a swivel spout. The Metris design blends in perfectly with the square shape of modern sink units.

Focus kitchen faucets – now available with dual-jet handspray

Hansgrohe has expanded its Focus kitchen faucet range and has brought a dual-jet handspray for price-conscious users onto the market for the first time. This offers up to half a meter of space at the sink unit – plus precise water usage. This timeless faucet range with a touch of elegance is also equipped with a normal spray and shower spray. The new Focus models expand the diversity of design in the kitchen and offer tasteful, functional solutions for all environments, price classes and requirements. The Focus range includes both convenient basic models and high spouts that can be swiveled by up to 360°. The Focus sink unit faucet with right-angled spout is the ideal addition to modern kitchens with clear, straight designs.

Hansgrohe’s recipe for success:

Fascinating design for more freedom at the sink unit

Intelligent functions that wow those who love to cook

Ergonomic comfort – suitable for all age groups

Turn your kitchen into a ComfortZone: with ergonomic handles, individually adjustable swivel ranges, pull-out spouts or hand sprays.

Metris – kitchen sensation featuring two jet types

Metris kitchen mixers feature pull-out spray heads, which are easy to grip and pull up from the front. This means that no height is lost, and you can even fill up large vessels really easily. Simply choose between two jet types: normal and shower spray. The long handle offers hands, fingers and elbows plenty of surface area, making it easy to turn the mixer off or on, and to set the temperature with precision. As well as the 2-jet mixer, the Metris range also offers a version with single-jet pull-out spout and a variant with swivel spout. Is your sink in front of a window? We have tiltable variants for this scenario.

Focus – now also with 2-jet hand spray

As part of its Focus kitchen mixer range, Hansgrohe is bringing a 2-jet hand spray for price-conscious customers onto the market for the very first time. This offers you up to half a metre of elbow room at the sink unit – enabling you to use water with precision. The magnetic holder means that the spray heads can be securely stored away in the mixer shaft after use. This timeless mixer range with a certain panache also offers you the choice of normal or shower spray. The Focus range includes convenient basic variants as well as high spouts and spouts that can swivel up to 360°.