Bathroom as a place of wellbeing.

Bathroom decoration: extra flair with accessories

Treasured items make a strong impression and transform the bathroom into a personal feel-good room

It’s the small things that make a difference – a gallery of personal photos gives the wall an unmistakable look, a find from a flea market is positioned as a humorous eye-catcher or a souvenir from a trip tells a unique personal story. Small decorative items and details not only bring charm to living spaces. Much-loved accessories and consciously set details also transform the bathroom into an individual feel-good room. In doing so, the imagination is set almost no limits.

Think that there are only limited options available in the bathroom? Then think again!

Whether discovered at a flea market or on vacation, accessories with that personal touch are taking over the bathroom. These collectibles not only bring a touch of history to the room – they also tell stories of personal tastes, trips and a love of cultural details from all over the world. As Hansgrohe has observed at trade fairs, decorative objects with an ethnic or folklore background are currently in, as are antique items with patina. The contrast to the perfect modern design of bathroom items and faucets makes these items particularly striking. Special photos and treasured items transform the bathroom into an individually designed room that invites you to linger a while.

Striking details – bringing added spice to the bathroom

Interior design in the bathroom is no longer all about cool, sober standards. Recently, there has been a marked tendency towards striking decorative details – whether bright colors as seen in an oriental bazaar, natural materials such as fur or objects with an ethnic style. Small pieces of furniture made from untreated wood also stand out. For all those who prefer a more subtle touch, traditional tile patterns are also being rediscovered. There is an increasing trend towards the refined look of traditional majolica or art nouveau tiles.

Charming impressions can also be made in the bathroom thanks to the accessories from Hansgrohe and Axor. From decorative hooks and practical shelves to uniquely styled wall lamps, the design cleverly underlines the individual style in the bathroom.

Bathroom styling

Treasured items create a unique atmosphere

Striking details invigorate the room

Matching accessories underline the bathroom design

Decorative ideas in the bathroom – Be inspired!