Woman showering with shower set

Shower sets

Handshower plus wallbar: the perfect combination for your shower

Virtually all of our handshowers are available in a set with a matching wallbar.  Hansgrohe shower sets are both visually and functionally impressive.

Hansgrohe shower sets benefit from the following features:

  • The wallbars are installed quickly, stable, smooth and easy to clean. They are used to fix your handshower at any height required. Many of the integrated porters (shower supports) offer comfortable adjustment in three dimensions.
  • The handshowers ensure individual shower pleasure – with up to three different jet types and innovative technologies such as Select, AirPower and QuickClean. Virtually every handshower is also available as an EcoRight version. This water-saving function makes the pleasurable shower experience even more sustainable.

Unica – an invention from the Black Forest conquers the globe

Did you know that Hans Grohe invented the Unica wallbar over 60 years ago? In 1953, the company founder and head inventor was already 82 years old. The first wall rod models went into production in the years of the German economic miracle. Today, the wallbar is standard all over the world – back then it was a bathroom sensation.

Man with shower set

Shower sets

The comprehensive, finely detailed Hansgrohe range includes popular shower sets, such as the Raindance S Wallbar set, or the Unica S 120 Wallbar unit to even the Raindance E Wallbar set.  You can also find shower combinations comprised of a shower set and thermostat, the combinations are endless.

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