Metris kitchen faucet with swiveling spout and handspray.

Metris kitchen faucets

Vegetables washed and prepped – with absolutely no space restrictions

Metris kitchen faucets embody intelligent multi-functionality, convenience and design. They will make your kitchen chores much easier! For example, a Hansgrohe hand spray featuring different jet types. Whether you're dealing with fish or fruit: the ample-sized shower spray is ideal for thoroughly cleaning and rinsing; the Normal spray fills up pots and bowls quickly and with perfect aim.

Metris Select – unprecedented freedom of movement at the touch of a button

On the Metris Select kitchen mixer, the Select button assumes control: The water is turned on or off with a simple push of the button.

  • Added convenience: you can even operate the button, which is located on the front, while you're on the go – using the back of your hand or your elbow if necessary. Ideal when your hands are full or dirty. The temperature and water volume, previously set on the lever handle, remain constant. Hence your work flows smoothly.
  • A plus for the environment: the Select technology is mechanical, requiring no additional electricity. Repeatedly turning the water off between work procedures also means you will consume fewer resources.

Metris Select

  • Metris Select, woman's hand, child's hand
  • Metris Select, woman's arm, child's arm
  • Metris Select, woman's arm, child's arm
  • Metris Select, child's arm
  • Metris Select, child's arm
  • Metris Select, woman's hand, pot
  • Metris Select, woman's arm, pot
  • Metris Select, woman's arms, pot
  • Metris Select, woman's arms, pot
  • Metris Select, woman's hands, pot
Metris faucet with handspray

Metris Kitchen Faucet

Perfect ergonomics and design: In addition to the dual-jet faucet,  the Metris kitchen collection also includes a version with a single-jet pull-out and one with a swivel spout.

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What Metris means for your kitchen:

  • The design, created by Phoenix Design, gives your kitchen an alluring appeal. It is in keeping with the rectangular shape of modern sinks and adds that extra touch of sensuality to them.
  • Pull-out spray head with two jet types: the flexible mixer extension sends the water exactly where you want it to go. It is easy to grip and pull up from the front. This means that no height is lost, and even large containers can be filled up easily.
  • Magnetic bracket: MagFit fixes the hand spray back firmly in the mixer spout after use.
  • A long, ergonomic handle means that it is easy for you and all your other family members to use, young and old alike. Its two-dimensionality allows fingers, hands and even elbows to turn the water on or off and set the temperature precisely.
  • ComfortZone: plenty of space and a larger operating radius for performing your day-to-day kitchen chores. The swivelling spout also gives you greater freedom of movement.