Modern Hansgrohe Metris faucet at the wash basin

Metris faucets

For comfort at all levels – for more freedom in the bathroom

Do you love your freedom of movement in the bathroom but sometimes feel the need to take it to another level? Then let us help you create this freedom. This modern Hansgrohe faucet collection includes models that meet your demands. The Metris faucet range for individualists represents outstanding comfort at the vanity. The models feature a minimalist design and blend in perfectly with any situation. With a flow of 1.5 GPM, Metris faucets are economical and environmentally friendly.

Metris at the vanity

Metris for vanities & bidets

Create your own personal ComfortZone at the wash basin with faucets from the Hansgrohe Metris collection. Choose from single-hole lavatory faucets in a range of heights or faucets for wall mounting. Metris faucets can also be used at the bidet.

Vanity & bidet faucets from the Metris collection ( from )

Metris at the bathtub

Metris for the bathtub

The Metris collection for the bathtub. Depending on the installation point, you can choose between single-hole faucets for wall mounting (surface mounted or concealed installation) or faucets for the bathtub rim.

Metris bathtub faucets ( from )

Metris in the shower

Metris for the shower

Regulate your shower water the modern way – either with Metris single-hole shower faucets or stylish shower thermostats.

Metris shower faucets ( from )