Metris 260: vanity environment with Highriser

Modern faucets

Faucets with a contemporary design – and great comfort

Do you appreciate the art of styling, and the pleasant feeling of clarity it creates? hansgrohe's Modern style faucets are elegantly discreet, offering you extra space: Your own personal bathroom ComfortZone. The faucet collections create a sense of spaciousness in modern bathrooms and are available in a variety of spout heights, to meet all your requirements. Choose the one that's right for you.

The Modern style world means:

  • Excellent, contemporary design
  • Exceptional convenience offered by  a variety of faucet heights
  • Four design variations and price categories to choose from
  • Water and energy-saving technology included

Find out more about our modern faucet collections MetrisTalis, Focus and Logis.

Metris bathroom faucet


Modern faucets for comfort at all levels. They offer exceptional comfort at the wash basin, bathtub and shower.

Metris products ( from )

Talis Select S lavatory faucet.


Talis faucets are extraordinary products offering outstanding comfort at the vanity, bathtub and shower. Talis faucets feature Select technology, enabling the lever to disappear – form and function blend together elegantly, at the touch of a button.

Talis products ( from )

Focus bathroom faucet


Faucets in a clear, two-dimensional design concept. These create ample space on wash basins, in bath tubs and showers.

Focus products ( from )

Logis at the vanity


Elegantly-shaped faucets are perfect for modern bathrooms. A variety of heights and models for wash basins, bath tubs and showers.

Logis products ( from )


Focus S

Modern faucets that result in timeless simplicity that boasts a slender design with a straight pin handle. These simple design is expressed throughout the entire bathroom allowing for design continuity.

Focus S products ( from )


Metris S

Modern faucets that offer an identity which is based in clear lines and sensible forms.  With products for the entire bathroom the result is a collection that is reduced and refined offering balance and a planned whole.

Metris S products ( from )


Solaris E

This modern faucet collection is a Hansgrohe classic, with a subtle focus on minimal details and harnessing the art of omission this collection has an unmistakable design. Solaris E, utilizing a clear design language to create new paradigms in the bath.

Solaris E products ( from )

Glass lotion dispenser


Here you will find accessories matching hansgrohe's Modern bathroom style: Ranging from the high-quality glass lotion dispenser to soap dishes and toothbrush tumblers. They also feature towel racks, roll holders and toilet brush holders.

Modern style accessories ( from )


The Modern style in the bathroom

  • Modern Metris faucet at the vanity
  • Metris faucet 260 – mounted behind countertop basin.
  • Metris faucets 230 on the undermounted/built-in sink.
  • Focus faucet 70 on hand basin.
  • Focus faucet 100 on vanity with countertop basin.
  • Focus S faucets