PuraVida bathroom fittings

PuraVida faucets

Sensuous shapes, quality materials, innovative technology

hansgrohe's avantgarde PuraVida faucet collection is future-oriented in both form and function.

  • Anyone who appreciates beautiful things will love its award-winning sculptural look and multitude of innovative extras.
  • The white/chrome finish adds a new design dimension to your bathroom. The dual material principle (DualFinish) allows surfaces to seamlessly blend together while brightening up the room with chrome and white.
  • A union of charm and comfort, which constitutes sheer pleasure.
  • The intuitive operation of the stepless pin handle makes it a pleasure to use.
  • In addition to their obvious beauty, PuraVida faucets also have hidden eco-friendly features: They save both water and energy.
PuraVida lavatory faucets

PuraVida for vanities & bidets

Lavatory faucets are available in various heights for your own personal ComfortZone, also available as an electronic faucets and versions for wall mounting. The spray angle can be adjusted easily by lightly swiveling the spray insert. You can then direct the water jet in any direction – thus preventing splashing in the sink.

Vanity and bidet faucets from PuraVida ( from )

Freestanding bathtub faucet

PuraVida for bathtubs and showers

Faucets from this emotive hansgrohe collection are also extremely popular products for showers and bath tubs. PuraVida has beautiful, matching product versions to suit any installation scenario. Particularly eye-catching: The floor-standing bath faucets.

Bathtub and shower faucets from PuraVida ( from )

PuraVida shower control

PuraVida shower control

These PuraVida control elements control the desired water quantity and temperature professionally and reliably.

Thermostats from PuraVida ( from )

PuraVida lotion dispenser


Here you will find accessories matching hansgrohe's Avantgarde bathroom style: Lotion dispensers, toothbrush tumblers and soap dishes, towel holders, hooks and grab bars, roll holders and toilet brush holders.

Accessories from the Avantgarde style ( from )


PuraVida: Curved lines, soft curves

Experience the bathroom Avantgarde style up close

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