Shower accessories like shower arm or soap dishes.

Accessories for the shower

Top-quality hansgrohe brand to accessorize your shower additions

Top quality and meticulous manufacturing down to the very last detail: that is what the hansgrohe brand represents. This is also true of all the shower accessories, ranging from the shower hose to the shower wall bar, with or without porter, and even the soap dish: here you will find products and combinations that match both functionally and visually.
Hand shower with porter

Shower accessories

Hansgrohe, the inventor of the shower wall bar, offers a wide range of shower products with lots of combination options. These include: shower wall bars, soap dishes, glass shelves, shower hoses, shower supports, hose connections and more. Its quality sets standards around the globe and is able to meet daily demands a million times over.

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What hansgrohe shower accessories are available?

  • Unica wall bars ranging from 36-24 inches. Compatible with the hand shower and option of a shower hose ranging from 50-80 inches long – optionally available without a hose.
  • Casetta soap dishes. Compatible with all wall bars.
  • A variety of shower hoses in different lengths, high-quality materials and ball joints to prevent any annoying twisting.
    - Sensoflex: metal shower hose with plastic coating and pivot joints
    - Isiflex: plastic shower hose in a metallic finish and with pivot joints
    - Metaflex: plastic shower hose in metal coil finish
  • Shower porters (wall mount hand shower holder) available in tilting and swiveling models.
  • Fixfit hose connections with non-return valves. Sometimes with ball joints to stop the hose from kinking at the connection.   
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