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Shower fixtures and shower controls

Choose between concealed or exposed installation

Your reliable bathroom partner hansgrohe offers a variety of thermostatic trims that can be used to control the water quantity, pressure and temperature according to your own personal requirements. Enjoy carefree comfort under the shower. Banish unpleasant changes in temperature. Enhance the technology and look of your bathroom. New top hansgrohe products for you: 

  1. Exposed installation – Ecostat Shower Thermostats
    If you only want to replace it when renovating your bathroom, then we recommend thermostats that can be installed directly onto the existing wall connections by the plumber. With surface-mounted thermostats such as Ecostat Select, you not only control the water individually. You also benefit from a generous storage area for your shower utensils (see the image gallery).
  2. Concealed installation – ShowerSelect Trims
    Thermostats can also be concealed behind the wall so that only the control unit is visible. This is both visually attractive and also creates more freedom of movement under the shower. Concealed thermostats are recommended when carrying out extensive renovations or installing two or more showers.
ShowerSelect trim

Shower control

Here you can find manual shower trims – from the standard single-hole installation to the Ecostat Select with storage area made from safety glass. They also feature concealed thermostats for one or more shower functions.

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Ecostat Select in focus


Beautiful design, space for bottles and tubes, safe, economical, ergonomic, convenient, durable…

  • Ecostat Select shelf
  • Shower utensils on Ecostat Select
  • Water flow limitation display
  • Hand on the Ecostat Select handle
  • Ecostat Select storage area

Exposed and concealed thermostatic faucets


Regulate the water to suit your individual needs – using manual control systems for one or more showers

  • Ecostat Select
  • Ecostat Comfort
  • ShowerSelect concealed installation for one shower function.
  • ShowerSelect concealed installation for two functions.
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