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Diverse designs, sophisticated shower technology and up to three jet types – also at the touch of a button

Hansgrohe produces handshowers for every taste, need and budget. Reap the benefits of our extensive range and over 111 years of showering and design skills.

Hansgrohe handshowers benefit from the following features:

  • They bring a more pleasurable shower experience in an instant, are eye-catching and enhance the technology of any shower – ideal for quick bathroom fitting.
  • They are not only attractive, but also of economic and ecological value. EcoRight reduces water consumption by up to 60 percent.
  • The innovative Hansgrohe features impress, such as SelectAirPower and QuickClean.

Simply click and enjoy: the sophisticated Select handshower

Raindance Select handshowers pamper the body with three jet types. These can be easily controlled using the Select button so that the water either relaxes (RainAir), invigorates (Rain) or massages (Whirl).

Man with Hansgrohe handshower

Handshowers – everyone has a favorite

Whether round or square, with one jet type or three, you are sure to find your favorite here. Successful models such as Croma or PuraVida have set trends in the bathroom since their inception. Since 2003, Raindance has also become indispensable in the shower. With a wide spray disc, flat silhouette and short handle, it brought a brand new design into the bathroom. Our latest success story: Raindance Select – with a button for changing the jet type.

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Select: Select your shower pleasure

  • Woman showering with RainAir
  • Man showering with RainAir
  • Woman showering with Rain jet
  • Man showering with Rain jet
  • Woman showering with Whirl jet
  • Man showering with Whirl jet