Woman under a Raindance Air overhead rain shower heads

Shower heads and body sprays

Showering fun at the touch of a button

Hansgrohe overhead showers are an incomparable source of refreshment and relaxation. They envelop the body in dream-like shower rain, gently douse you in water, massage, and thoroughly rinse out shampoo. Our shower heads are also a delight to look at – many of them creating real architectural highlights in your bathroom. Experience versatile showering fun at the touch of a button with our Select overhead showers. 

What makes Hansgrohe shower heads so special?

  • Raindance Rainfall shower head: This angular, sweeping board extends far into the room and has three jet types available (RainAir, Whirl or RainFlow) while bathing you will have no choice but to enjoy the experience.
  • The dual-jet Raindance Rainfall 180 overhead shower and shoulder-wide Raindance E 420 are ideal components for a shower system. You can choose between the Rain AIR rain shower and RainFlow waterfall shower head.
  • One jet type feels like an opulent natural rain shower, and flows from the Raindance oversized shower heads. The round versions and square versions have a plethora of sizes to fit any shower or any taste. We call this outstanding shower experience XXL Performance.
  • The innovative Hansgrohe features impress, such as AirPowerEcoRight and QuickClean are also benefits of Hansgrohe's rain shower heads and waterfall shower heads.

Hansgrohe body sprays benefit from the following features:

  • They are refreshing. After sport or for a moment of relaxation.
  • They are versatile. Models such as Raindance, Bodyvette and PuraVida have an impressive design, are flexible and can be swiveled.
  • They fulfill individual desires. Install the products according to your preferences and body size.
Woman under overhead shower

Shower heads & body sprays

Whether in round or square design, or with one, two or three jets, Hansgrohe shower heads guarantee a wonderful water experience. Here you can also find PuraVida overhead showers, water-saving models such as Croma and Crometta or the Raindance Rainfall Stream with adjustable shower angle. Hansgrohe side showers also offer titillating all-round water pleasure.

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All good things come from above – Rain at its most beautiful


Hansgrohe overhead showers impress thanks to their range of designs, multi-functionality, easy operation and convenient cleaning.

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  • Woman under overhead shower
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