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Shower pipes

Enjoy a new and refreshing experience with any of the Hansgrohe shower systems or shower pipes!

Do you dream of a large rain shower? A Hansgrohe overhead shower can be installed surprisingly easily – without remodeling and even as a retrofit solution. The solution is known as the shower pipe. This is comprised of an overhead shower plus hand shower with faucet. Alternatively, there is the shower panel – a completely pre-assembled shower system. Paired with Select technology, is where the Hansgrohe shower pipe really shines. Select technology allows you to reap the full benefits of comfort, design and showering pleasure. Control your shower system simply at the touch of a button.

Hansgrohe shower systems benefit from the following features:

  • Wide range of products. Browse through our many models and price classes to find your own personal shower solution with shower panels – and make your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation.
  • Minimal planning required. These complete shower systems are ideal for quick bathroom renovations. The time-consuming planning and installation of individual components is no longer needed.
  • Simple installation. The plumber simply connects the shower panel in the shower or bathtub instead of your old fixture. The wall doesn’t need to be opened up.
  • The innovative Hansgrohe features impress, such as AirPower, QuickClean and XXL Performance.

Raindance Select E 300: With the button for all ages

The design alone is enough to invite you into the shower, with the intuitive operating concept offering even more.  Select buttons on the hand shower and overhead shower make shower and jet selection on the Raindance Select E 300 shower pipe extremely convenient. You can select up to five jet types here at the touch of a button on your shower panel – invigorating or relaxing rain showers from the overhead shower, plus three different jet types from the hand shower. This creates a fascinating shower effect for all ages and sizes. After all, the aim is to Select your shower pleasureThis product is not available yet in the United States but it is coming soon to a bathroom near you. Hansgrohe shower systems for your pleasure!

Hansgrohe showerpipe.

Shower pipes - the quickest way to a rain shower

Whether you are building from scratch or renovating, Hansgrohe shower systems are convenient solutions that enhance the bathroom effectively. These attractive combinations are the Raindance Select or Croma shower pipe, which are comprised of overhead shower, hand shower and thermostat.

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