Axor Starck: the aesthetics of minimalism.

Axor Starck

The aesthetics of minimalism

In today’s hectic world, people yearn more and more for tranquility and simplicity. Axor Starck focuses on the basics, on the enjoyment of water. The principle of simplification can be seen in the elementary forms and clear functions. There are no distractions. This bathroom collection created by Philippe Starck is timeless and will never go out of fashion. Like a fountain that springs up from the depths of the earth, we can draw from Axor Starck and refresh our bodies and minds in an environment that offers tranquility and relaxation.

The Axor Starck product categories at a glance:

Axor Starck lavatory faucet.

Bathroom faucets & Shower trims

Axor Starck bathroom faucets are simplistic and uncompromising. The characteristic joystick handle is available for the lavatory faucet in two versions – as a classic feather handle or modern pin handle.

Single-hole or two-handle mixing faucets are also available on the bathtub, or as a free-standing version. The shower faucets and thermostats for use in the shower follow the minimalist design and offer a range of design possibilities.

Bathroom faucets & shower trims from the Axor Starck collection ( from )

Axor Starck showers.

Showers & shower systems

The Axor Starck shower column with its detachable handspray and overhead shower offers a sleek and operational sound options for the shower. The thermostat is already integrated in the Axor Starck shower columns. The overhead showers from the Axor Starck collection offer a special shower experience.

Showers & shower systems from the Axor Starck collection ( from )

Axor Starck toothbrush tumbler


Accessories such as the soap dish and toothbrush tumbler also follow the timeless, purist style of Axor Starck. The single hook is reminiscent of a simple nail. Philippe Starck took his inspiration from archaic role models when designing the accessories. The shelves, lotion dispenser and wall lamp are also minimalist.

Accessories from the Axor Starck collection ( from )

Axor Starck kitchen faucet.

Kitchen faucets

Axor Starck offers four functional faucet variations with characteristic joystick operation. The versions with swivel spout or handspray with two jet types offer a large operating radius at the sink. The Axor Starck Semi-Pro version with 360° swivel spout is particularly suited to double sinks and sinks integrated as isolated units in the kitchen.

Kitchen faucets from the Axor Starck collection ( from )

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