Axor Montreux bathroom environment.

AXOR Montreux

Authenticity. Perfection.

The AXOR Montreux collection includes classic faucets, showers and accessories in industrial design. An interpretation of the period at the turn of the century. A symbol of technical progress, and of radical change. Immortalised in Europe's most prestigious addresses. Such as Montreux, the legendary spa resort on the shores of Lake Geneva. That’s also where the story of success began for this collection. Montreux was the location of its premiere in 2006, and it provided the inspiration for the name.

Today, AXOR Montreux is a successful collection which is recognized as a classic. To be found in the finest hotels. In private bathrooms too. All over the  world. In these locations, AXOR Montreux creates an eclectic focal point. Or enhances the classic interior design. Bathroom faucets with classic low spouts or modern high spouts. Combined with outstanding technology and modern convenience. With no compromises. Perfection.

Design: Phoenix Design

Overview of the AXOR Montreux product categories:

AXOR Montreux bathroom faucet

Bathroom and shower faucets

In every detail, AXOR Montreux faucets evoke memories of the industrial design at the turn of the century. For example the widespread faucet. Pieced together from individual elements. With porcelain inlays and authentic lettering. Committed to technological advancement. Just like the era of the Belle Epoque.


The AXOR Montreux bathroom collection includes classic variations with a low spout and two-handle vanity faucets in the design of the first industrially manufactured fittings. The faucets with high spouts and modern, convenient lever handles are new.

Bathroom faucets from the AXOR Montreux collection ( from )

Shower with AXOR Montreux showerpipe

Showers and showerpipes

The AXOR Montreux showerpipe: Functional simplicity. Curves and detailed references are true to the style of the turn of the century. Control units for overhead shower and hand shower are clearly separated. Equipped with state-of-the-art thermostat technology. All with one objective. Maximum convenience of operation.

AXOR Montreux for the shower: Featuring showerpipe, shower set, overhead and hand shower variations.

Showers and showerpipes from the AXOR Montreux collection ( from )

AXOR Montreux bathtub faucet

Bathtub faucets

AXOR Montreux is perfectly consistent, even when it comes to the bath tub. For example, the floor-standing bath faucet in the bridge look. With porcelain inlays and authentic lettering. Classic design. References to the first industrially manufactured faucets. In the details. Without compromise. Perfection.

AXOR Montreux for the bath tub: Featuring bath tub and tile mounted faucet variations along with a floor-standing installation.

Bathtub faucets from the AXOR Montreux collection ( from )

AXOR Montreux accessories


Accessories. Perfectly tailored to the entire collection. From towel rack to traditional pull-out shaving mirror. From toothbrush tumbler to wall light: The classic, authentic accessories perfectly complement AXOR Montreux. Perfection in detail. Throughout.

Bathroom accessories from the AXOR Montreux collection ( from )


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