Axor Bouroullec is the collection that gives you greater freedom in the bathroom.

Axor Bouroullec

 Feel Free to Compose

Axor Bouroullec gives your individual design desires free reign. The motto is “Feel Free to Compose”. The collection is not based on a rigid scheme. In fact, you can create your own perfect solution by combining numerous bathroom products. The faucet elements can be positioned at various points above, on and around the vanity. You can also enjoy the flexibility of Axor Bouroullec in the bathtub. Have fun discovering the wide variety of opportunities offered by the collection – and design your vanity and bathtub to your own personal taste with the Axor Bouroullec Composer.

The versatile shelves are another special feature of the collection. Axor Bouroullec gives you the choice of how to use them – whether as a space-saving accessory, vanity element or shelf that is also used as a faucet. In doing so, the organic, elegant design from the French pair Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec is never the center of attention.

Overview of the Axor Bouroullec product categories:

Axor lavatory faucet.

Bathroom faucets & Shower trims

Faucets in a range of spout heights and versions are available for the vanity – including wall designs. You can choose between different positions for the spout and handles on the vanity and bathtub, such as one at the front for easier use by children. The wall-mounted faucets integrated into the shelf are particularly innovative. They hide the technology elegantly in the practical console and can be installed on the vanity, in the shower and on the bathtub. Additionally, the thermostats and single-hole bathtub and shower faucets also offer numerous design possibilities in the Axor Bouroullec bathroom.

Bathroom faucets & shower trims from the Axor Bouroullec collection ( from )

Axor vanity with faucets.

Vanities, bathtubs & furniture

The design of the vanity is characterized by shelves flowing harmoniously together into one another. These are available in different sizes with one or two shelves, and can be wall mounted or built in. Matching bathroom furniture is also available for the built-in vanity. The design and interaction with the shelves is continued in the bathtub, which is made of easy-to-clean acrylic.

Vanities, bathtubs & furniture from the Axor Bouroullec collection ( from )

Axor Bouroullec showerpipe

Showers & bodysprays

The Axor Bouroullec bathroom is completed nicely in the shower by the perfectly designed Axor Bouroullec showerpipe. The thermostat is integrated into a practical shelf in keeping with the characteristic design of the collection. The range is completed by additional overhead showers, side showers and handshowers from Axor.

Showers & bodysprays from the Axor Bouroullec collection ( from )

Axor Bouroullec accessories.


The versatile shelves are one of the characteristics of the collection. As accessories, they are available in two sizes and can be freely positioned or wall mounted. Mirrors, holders, toothbrush tumblers and many more round off the Axor Bouroullec bathroom.

Accessories from the Axor Bouroullec collection ( from )


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