Trends that make your bathroom & kitchen more beautiful

We envision the bath as living space and a place to incorporate your specific preferences, needs and styles. It deserves the same attention as any other room in the home. From colors to shapes to materials, the hottest trends for the home closely follow those found in fashion. The forecast calls for decorative motifs, natural influences, and soft shapes. Here is a closer look at the current trends – and what they mean for bathrooms.

The bedroom doesn’t need to be the only space in the home with pattern. Towels, curtains, wallpaper and tiles are a great way to add a decorative touch. Ikat, floral and damask prints are especially in vogue.

Rustic wooden paneling behind a cozy sofa.

Home decor is taking its inspiration from nature and the wood look is becoming increasingly popular. From furnishings to flooring, the warm, organic charm of wood works well in the bathroom too.

Woman at kitchen table with sink.

Kitchens are becoming increasingly homely: practical functions blend in with an atmospheric room concept, which is the perfect setting for kitchen faucets from hansgrohe. 


Feels good, looks good and is good for humans, animals and the environment: natural shower products are currently all the rage.

Sinks in front of an unplastered wall.
Exposed walls with pronounced haptic elements are taking over interior design. The bathroom designs from Hansgrohe really shine against this refined yet rustic backdrop.
Open kitchen in a loft (SieMatic).

Cooking, dining and living areas all come together in a single communicative unit. The functionality and design of the Hansgrohe kitchen faucets perfectly complement this trend. 

Designs for patios and balconies are becoming ever more common - here we find the indoor and the outdoor merging together to form a soothing at home experience.

Single-hole faucet with open glass spout.
The current trend in interior design is for transparency and clarity.  In line with this trend are the latest hansgrohe products, which make use of glass and unmask those elements that are usually concealed.
Wall drain for floor-level shower.

The continuous floor surface makes the bathroom look uncluttered while enhancing comfort

Bathroom as a place of wellbeing.

Individual collectibles transform the bathroom into a personal feel-good room

Fragrant orchid blossoms

The bath should be a place of beauty and a relaxing retreat for the senses. Mix materials and enjoy the provocative play of patterns and light effects.

Floor-level shower area in the Hüppe bathroom

Bathroom design that is ready for the future and helps users in a variety of ways

In home decor, color is back in vogue.  No wonder - It's full of emotion and passion.

Re-introductions of mid-century modern classics and retro styles are making their mark on interior design, and bringing new life to bathrooms too.

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