Bathroom with green walls and colorful pictures. (Photo: Nuvue Interactive)

Bathroom in a Californian residential complex (Nexus Companies, photo: Nuvue Interactive)

Color triggers emotions

Color is a big part of ideal living – as shown by current interior design trends

Color is an indispensable part of our lives. It creates an atmosphere and defines the way in which we see a room or space. Although white and natural colors have dominated interior design for years, vivid colors are currently on the march. Color has taken over furniture, fabrics, walls and floors – and has now reached the bathroom.

Showing colors for more energy – with yellow, red and pink

Energy and strength, but also intimacy: These are the characteristics of fiery red and orange tones. These are mostly used as accents in the living space, as shown by modern furniture and accessories. After all, too much red can appear aggressive and a completely red room restrictive. In contrast, a sunny yellow can make the room appear larger. The vivid yellow that has appeared at many exhibitions is mostly used as a dash of color: This allows fresh new accents to be integrated into the living or bathroom ambience.

Be bright!

Color can be used to underline your style of living

Set accents rather than blocks of unbroken color

A desire for trends: Simply change the color

Yellow, red and pink – invigorating


Vivid colors should be used sparingly – they work best as an individual accent

  • The glass room divider filters the light in amber and yellow, giving the bathroom a sunny feel. (Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Barcelona)
  • The yellow vase in this modern bathroom catches the eye immediately – and also fits in with the wooden flooring. (Hansgrohe: Metris Classic)
  • A radiant yellow on the wall and floor – stimulating colors as discovered at the furniture manufacturer Interluebke.
  • The cushion with yellow pattern gives the perfect accent to the dark sofa. As seen at Interluebke.
  • Open compartments in yellow offer a lively contrast in this modular furniture. As seen at Karat.
  • Vivid pink used for bathtub lighting in the spa, as seen at the Romantik Hotel Sackmann, Germany.
  • Pink, red and orange are currently in fashion, as seen on these bathroom accessories – beautiful accents in a white bathroom. (Lineabeta)
  • Living and bathing spaces are converging, with red playing a part on the chair and window. (The Scarlet Hotel, UK)
  • The lounge bar in the new W Hotel Taipei is decked in fiery red, thus creating an atmospheric ambience.
  • The living room/bathroom needs comfortable seating: Red upholstery in contrast with black and white is stylish. As seen at Devon & Devon.

Create a comfortable atmosphere – with blue, turquoise and green

This also applies to tones between sky blue, royal blue and shades tending towards green. Turquoise, petrol and lavender are back in fashion. A violet tone can be an exciting eye-catcher, while most blue tones have a soothing effect. The colors evoke the green of nature, of meadows and spring-time or the fascination of the sea. Blue is especially attractive when contrasted with wood. This is another trend.

Blue, turquoise and green – soothing


The colors of water and the sea fit perfectly in the bathroom – even on the wall.

  • The blue-green on this bathroom wall is supplemented by the subtle green of the decorative plant. As seen at Teuco.
  • Bright green tiles in the shower – a successful contrast to the brown of the tiles and marble. (W Hotel, Taipei)
  • Blue is a current living trend: New chairs show an interpretation in pastel shades. As seen at Ligne Roset.
  • Porada has also introduced blue upholstery, as seen at an exhibition this year. Color is the perfect companion to natural wood.
  • The fresh green of nature is used in pictures to add a special touch in the spa at the Romantik Hotel Sackmann, Germany.
  • Soft green shades, such as the reed colors on these sofas from Flexform, as seen at the Milan Furniture Fair 2012.
  • Green tiling patterns give an element of surprise in this purist bathroom. (Prizeotel Bremen, Germany)
  • A colorful design in acrylic adorns the table – or as a tumbler for brushing teeth at the vanity. (Artedona. Photo: Mario Luca Giusti)

Colors change rooms and spaces whichever way you like

Color awakens memories – of holidays and favorite places from our childhood. In addition, it is also a quick and cost-effective way of bringing new ideas into the home. Whether as furniture or on the wall – colorful accents combined with white are unbeatable. The light quality and surface structure also play an important role in the effect of color.

Mixed colors – lots of bright details


A colorful mixture brings brightness to any room or bathroom.

  • Green walls and colorful pictures in a Californian home. With PuraVida from Hansgrohe. (Nexus Companies, photo: Nuvue Interactive)
  • Small decorative objects such as these vases and bowls in yellow, blue, red and pink set the mood. As seen at Interluebke.
  • Color contrasts transform this linear arrangement into a charming mix: Blue and yellow, brown and violet. (Janua)
  • A new shell chair without feet – colorful style for indoors and outdoors with rocking motion. (Dedon)
  • The vivid world of digital pixels was the inspiration for this carpet. (Photo: Albert Font; © nanimarquina)
  • Trendy wall decoration: A collage of pictures and personal keepsakes also invigorates any bathroom. (Rolf Benz)
  • Patterns and colors also set the tone in living spaces, such as on these carpets. (Gandia Blasco)
  • Pink, yellow and green tones – a lively mixture for a modern hotel with cool furniture. (Prizeotel Bremen, Germany)
  • A lively mixture of colors contrasts with the linear architecture of this modern hotel. (The Scarlet, UK)
  • Colors give a sense of orientation: Everyone can find their seat (again). A meeting of colors at trendsetter Kartell.

Literature on the color trend

A variety of recommended books are available on this topic to give you inspiration:

  • Terence Conran, Farbe – das Wichtigste: Wirkungsvoll einsetzen & kombinieren
    (German, DVA / English: Essential Colour, Conran Octopus)
  • Ilex Neß, Farbe! Das große Schöner Wohnen-Farbwohnbuch
    (German, Callwey)
  • Emma Callery, 1001 Ideen und Tipps – Farben für Ihr Zuhause
    (German, Moewig / English: 1001 Ideas for Colour & Paint, Creative Homeowner)
  • Alice Buckley, Entspannt wohnen mit den richtigen Farben
    (German, Bassermann / English: Home Colours Sourcebook, Apple Press)

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