The Axor Bouroullec bathroom design is open to individual solutions – the options for arranging elements are extremely diverse.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec – truly individual

The two Frenchmen are among the most sought-after creative minds of the 21st century. Their designs move between refined, organic forms and powerful optics. They are characterized by their evocation of imagination and a creative approach: the Bouroullec brothers seem to cry “Do what you want”, referring to the freedom to combine and implement their design objects in line with personal needs. Freedom is also the key notion in their first bathroom collection.

Axor Bouroullec – Feel Free to Compose

When it comes to style and function, everyone has their own ideas. Practical, stylish, trendy – we determine the mix. With their bathroom collection, the brothers give a new dimension to the current trend of individualization: Axor Bouroullec gives us a great deal of freedom to arrange fittings on and around the vanity. However we desire. However we require. The shelves in the flexible bathroom flow together harmoniously, even on different levels, and there is plenty of room for utensils. The brothers’ understated design language is characteristic of the collection. Feel Free to Compose.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec – the bibliography

The brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec were born in Brittany in 1971 and 1976 respectively and have been working together since the mid-1990s. Their breakthrough came in 1997, when they showcased a modular kitchen at the “Salon du Meuble” trade fair in Paris and were discovered by Giulio Cappellini, a grand master of Italian design, who gave them their first industrial projects. The Bouroullec brothers’ involvement with Vitra in 2002 steered the route they took next. Their most famous products for Vitra include the “Slow Chair” and the florally-inspired, stacking “Vegetal Chair”. These resulted in contact with other renowned furniture manufacturers, including Magis and Ligne Roset. For the French furniture market, the Bouroullecs helped develop the crystalline-like upholstery range “Facett”, which created a whole new look for the upholstery sector. The two designers have regularly shown their devotion to the development of textile-related design opportunities, for example in their work for Kvadrat from Sweden and Issey Miyake.

A portrait of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

Ronan Bouroullec (left) and Erwan Bouroullec (right)