Our Designers – world class

Several of the world’s most successful designers & architects work for Hansgrohe AG.  Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola and Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are among the top 25 designers adjudged by a highly-qualified judging panel in 2009 to be the world’s best in their craft. Their creativity has offered a fresh perspective on bathrooms and well-being and triggered numerous technical innovations. It is with good reason that our faucets, showers and shower systems have won more than 300 internationally renowned awards and set multiple new trends.

A portrait of Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck needs no introduction. The “enfant terrible” of the design world sets the industry ablaze with his numerous creations – products, interiors, hotels – and with his appearances in public. The attention is well deserved since he makes a statement and sends a message to the world with everything he does. “What matters to me is not how things look, but what emotions they trigger,” Starck says.

A portrait of Antonio Citterio

“Above all, I am an architect,” says Antonio Citterio. His work as a designer exemplifies this statement because he makes the entire room the focus of his creative activity. Citterio crosses the boundaries between the form and function of an object and strikes a harmonious chord between tradition and innovation, an approach that helped his Axor Citterio collection redefined the bathroom. Though he may be an architect at heart, Citterio brings many years of product design experience and a unique vision to his creations.

A portrait of Patricia Urquiola

"I am eclectic, versatile and multi-faceted. I always think simultaneously at the different levels of architecture and design." Patricia Urquiola's creations are vivid, sensous and they live on memories. They embody a harmonious mix that lend their design a very special magic. Inspired by daily life and the individual nature of people, her works are an imaginative source of enrichment for every personal living space.

A portrait of Jean-Marie Massaud

Inspired by nature, French designer Jean-Marie Massaud created an alluring bathroom collection for Axor that embodies his organic approach to design and his celebration of the simplicity and beauty of nature. Whether it is a sofa, an exhibition hall or a soccer stadium, in all his work, Massaud pursues an elemental connection with nature. “I have a vision of complete harmony between man, nature and technology. In order to fulfill this harmony, the bathroom must become a living space, a space where we feel good.”

A portrait of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

The two Frenchmen are among the most popular creative minds of the 21st century. Their designs oscillate between refined, organic forms and powerful optics. They are characterised by their evocation of imagination and a creative approach: "The user decides!" is the motto of the Bouroullec brothers, and by that they are referring to the freedom to combine and use their items according to the user's own personal requirements. Freedom is also the key notion in their first bathroom collection.

A portrait of Phoenix Design

Phoenix Design embraces a philosophy that is as natural as it is intuitive: form follows emotion. The designers, Tom Schönherr and Andreas Haug, always focus on people with their creations, which have won numerous international awards. “Our products are not only meant to make life easier, but they should make it fun as well.” Whether it is a drinking glass, a television or a bathroom fitting – everything that emerges from Phoenix Design’s Stuttgart or Tokyo studios is designed to bring you happiness.

Oki Sato, the creative mind behind the Nendo inspiration

The architect Oki Sato is the man behind the playful, humorous designs from the Japanese design studio Nendo. “My designs are always sleek and minimalist – but never cold,” explains the Canadian-born architect. “I always start with the stories behind the object.”