Deluxe Shower Pleasure

Rediscover water

A shower is: a quick refreashing boost, a relaxing massage, a cleaning ritual, a long-awaited time-out or a tropical holiday under the rain shower. Showering is a sensual experience that cleanses the body and soul. Thousands of water droplets caress your skin from head to toe. Everyday life disappears behind a veil of water, your body relaxes and your energy reserves are replenished. Find the perfect shower for you. Hansgrohe showers fulfill your showering dreams.

Hansgrohe showering pleasure is created by:

Beauty and design

Extraordinary showering moments deserve unique products. Outstanding designers work with Hansgrohe to develop showers and faucets. As a design leader in the sanitation industry, Hansgrohe has received over 300 awards to date. Be inspired – for example, by PuraVida showers.

Technological perfection and innovation

The innovators of the in-house spray laboratory turn simple water into massaging jets or a soft rain shower. Sophisticated innovations give water a refreshing character and meditative powers. Have you ever experienced the effects of a seemless air-in-water mix? From handshowers to large-scale showerheads, AirPower combines water with air to create an opalescent showering pleasure.

Size and comfort

Large showerheads are in fashion in the modern bathrooms of today. Showers have become an intricale part of interior architecture in todays bathroom. Do you love having the freedom to move? Whether Raindance or Rainfall: XXLPerformance adds new dimensions to your bathroom. The large-scale showers from Hansgrohe have diameters of up to 24 inches. The QuickClean anti-limescale function and iBox concealed installation technology also turn your bathroom into a comfort zone.

Environmentally friendly and consious 

Enjoying water does not necessarily mean increasing your consumption. Hansgrohe proves it: trendsetting shower technologies such as Ecoright reduce your water consumption by up to 40%. Reducing your hot water consumption also reduces your energy consumption, meaning fewer CO2 emissions and lower costs.