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Technical guide to frequently asked questions

Technology has its downsides. Operating instructions have their limits. Although hansgrohe takes great care that everything is worded in a manner that is easy to understand and functions without problems, inqueries still sometimes arise. Are you having problems installing a faucet or removing limescale from a shower?

We have summarized our most frequently asked questions here, and offer initial practical tips which can help you achieve the desired result or even help you answer your questions yourself. Simply select the category that you need and the topic that you want to find out more about it.

However, the practical tips detailed here are only provisional, with no claim to completeness. Individual circumstances can differ to an extent that this online lexicon does not offer a suitable solution – in this case, your specialist can help you further with your specific problem.

Do you have any other questions? If so, feel free to contact us any time via our technical service.

Drain systems


Lotion dispenser does not dispense lotion any more. What can I do?

If you have not used the dispenser for a while, the lotion may have dried out and gone hard in the pump. Clean the lotion dispenser pump by soaking in hot water and rinse out afterwards.

How can you uninstall accessories from the Axor collections Axor Terrano, Axor Carlton, Axor Citterio, Axor Citterio M, Axor Montreux, or Axor Uno?

The fixtures for the Axor lines Axor Terrano, Axor Carlton, Axor Citterio, Axor Citterio M, Axor Montreux, Axor Uno can be uninstalled by pushing a pin through the hole using a thin object (e.g. a 2 mm Allen key), while simultaneously pulling the holding part forwards.


The connections on the surface-mounted faucet are leaking. What is the reason for this?

Before installing the faucet, ensure that the S-connections for compensating different dimensions are installed without stress and that the prescribed installation dimensions are adhered to. The use of original seals is mandatory. Damaged seals must be replaced when necessary.

Electronic faucet: How can I activate the cleaning mode on the faucet so that the sensor is not triggered and the vanity can then be cleaned, for example?
Activation of the cleaning mode is described in the installation manual, which is enclosed with the product or can be downloaded in the electronic spare parts catalog.
The swiveling shaft on the kitchen faucet is leaking. What is the reason for this?

The seals on the swiveling shaft of the faucet are dirty or damaged. The steps required for replacing the seals can be found in the corresponding installation manual enclosed with the spare part. Ensure that the lip seals of the seal set are not greased too heavily.

I only get a low water flow from the kitchen faucet with pull-out spray / pull-out spout. What can I do?

Between the pull-out hose and pull-out spray, there is a small filter screen inserted into the pull-out hose connection fitting. Remove this using a sharp object, clean it and reinsert it.

The two jet types converge on the Axor Steel handshower. How can I remedy this?

Replace the handshower. This cannot be repaired by customers.
The handshower is available as a spare part under item number 35852801 from your specialty bathroom retailer.

Kitchen faucet: I keep seeing small amounts of water and bubbles in the area around the handle of the Axor Starck 10820XX1 kitchen faucet. What can I do?
This is probably just water that has collected in the area around the handle following operation with wet hands. When hot water flows in particular, this collected water expands and escapes in the form of bubbles. Remove the excess water from the gap, ideally with a cotton cloth.
The swivel spout on the kitchen faucet leaks. What can I do?

If water leaks at the bottom after the faucet is opened, the seals must be replaced in order to properly seal the swivel spout. Follow the instructions in the corresponding installation manual for your model when replacing the seals.

Kitchen faucet: How do you move the Allegro sink unit faucet with pull-out spray when you need to open the window?

Hold the base unit of the faucet (i.e. not the spout), pull it vertically upwards, then lay the faucet down sideways on the countertop (on a cloth or similar).

Mixer ball technology: Does the control ball have to be replaced when the mixer ball system is serviced?
The stainless steel control ball does not have to be replaced. Any deposits can be removed easily from the control ball using a synthetic cleaning cloth, for example.
My faucet or shower is dripping, what can I do?

When a faucet or shower is switched off, it is physically necessary for it to drip briefly. This is not a product fault that justifies the replacement of the faucet, so if the faucet drips for a few minutes after shut off this is nothing to be alarmed about.  However, if you have a continual drip than this could be an issue with the cartridge of other parts of the faucet.  If this is the case contact our technical services for further assistance at 1-800-334-0455.

The diverter on the bathroom faucet does not return automatically to its starting position. What can be done?

The O-ring or the plunger on the diverter are either dirty or degreased. When necessary, both must be cleaned and silicon grease applied.

I only get a low water flow on the vanity mixer. What can I do?

A low flow performance may be caused by a dirty aerator. The cleaning process is shown in detail in this video.

Can I change the angle of the water jet on a Hansgrohe vanity mixer?

Hansgrohe offers an optional swiveling aerator (article no. 95400000) with a M24x1 external thread. This can be used to adjust the water jet in all directions by approximately 8°. The replacement process and functionality are shown in this video.

Are Hansgrohe products WaterSense approved?

Many Hansgrohe products are WaterSense certified. These products will be designated by the WaterSense certified mark on the packaging, spec sheets and/or price lists.

Do I need any kind of additional adapters for my Hansgrohe faucet?

The supply hoses used on all single-control lavatory and kitchen faucets sold by Hansgrohe USA may look a little "different", but they're nothing exotic. The ends of the hoses are 3/8" in size. All current Hansgrohe manufactured models include the 3/8" adapters fitted at the ends of these hoses--therefore no other hardware is necessary. All widespread faucets do not include the 1/2" supply hoses but can easily be purchased at a local hardware store.

Purchasing Hansgrohe products

Is there somewhere I can test the products without obligation?

In the Hansgrohe Aquademie, we show you a cross-section of our current products and collections from the Hansgrohe and Axor brands. In the Showerworld, you can test out the Hansgrohe shower experience for yourself and have lots of fun doing so. Find out here where else in your area you can test and experience Hansgrohe products.

Where can I buy Hansgrohe products?

You can obtain our products directly from your local retailer. There is no factory outlet.

Where can I get brochures?

You can download brochures on Hansgrohe products directly via our homepage, or request them using the brochure request form.

What do Hansgrohe products cost?

You can obtain Hansgrohe products directly from your local retailer. You will also be able to find out information on prices there.

How long can I buy spare parts for after an item has been discontinued?

We guarantee the availability of spare parts for ten years after the product in question has been discontinued.

Showers, shower supports and shower sets

How do I install a wallbar in the corner?

The steps for installing a corner mounting set are shown in this video.

Tile spacing: What is the elongated plastic disc that is enclosed with the shower sets used for?
Not all bathrooms are tiled to the full room height. For this reason, it is sometimes necessary to compensate for the thickness of the tiles. In such cases, the plastic tile spacer can then be used. The spacer can also be stacked when needed.
The water flow from my handshower has been low recently. What can I do?

A low flow performance may be caused by a dirty sealing screen.  Pullout the filter screen at the base of the handshower soak it in a descaling solution or white vinegar for about 5 to ten minutes . Next get a disposable toothbrush and brush the screen until all debris is gone.

Where should I install the holder for the handshower on the bathtub?

The handshower should be installed so that it can be reached without any problem. You should be able to wash your hair while sitting, without having to hold the handshower.

Can the riser pipe on the Hansgrohe showerpipes also be shortened?

Depending on the model, the riser pipes can be adjusted according to the available space and shortened when required. Round riser pipes can be shortened. Square riser pipes are available in different lengths. For more information, please refer to the enclosed installation manual.

Why should a sealing screen be installed between the shower hose and handshower?

Sealing screens, which are included with each handshower, must not be replaced by normal seals. Otherwise, the dirt filtered out in the filter screen gets washed into the mechanics of the shower. This leads to the QuickClean cleaning function breaking down or the sprays becoming clogged.

Can the Unica`D replacement slide also be installed on older wallbars?
In general, the replacement slide can be used on all Unica`D wallbars.
On most Hansgrohe valves, why do I need to purchase the trim kit separately from the rough-in piece?

There are two reasons for this. One, it is easier for Hansgrohe, and your dealer, to order and store the separate trims and roughs. Second, only the rough-in is needed during actual construction. The trim is not needed until the job is complete. By not having the trim on the job site during construction, the purchaser has some protection from loss and damage.

I want to use a diverter tub spout with my Ibox Pressure Balancing Valve. Can I? Do I need a twin elbow?

Yes, a diverter tub spout can be successfully used with the pressure balancing valve since it has an "off" position. The Equilibrium has an integral venturi, so a twin elbow is not necessary.

Why can't I use a diverter tub spout with my thermostatic mixer?

The Ibox thermostatic mixer for Axor trims does not have an "off" position. If a volume control valve is not placed between the Ecostat and the tub spout, it will be impossible to turn the water off! If you are planning a tub/shower setup with a thermostatic mixer, use either two volume controls (one for the showerhead, and one for the non-diverter tub spout) or a Trio Diverter.

I've decided to use a thermostatic mixing valve in my new shower. However, the sales person says I need some other valves as well. Why?

The Ibox thermostatic mixer for Axor shower trims has one function - it controls the temperature of the water. There is no "off" position on the Ibox for Axor shower trims: it is "on" all the time! A volume control valve must be plumbed in the line between the Ibox and each outlet (showerhead, tub spout, etc). If you are planning a three-function shower, you can use one volume control valve in the line between the Ecostat and the Quattro Diverter. If you are planning a two-function shower, you can use the Trio Diverter. It is not necessary to use a separate volume control valve when using the Trio Diverter, since the Trio has an integral volume control.

My Raindance showerhead says it is AIR or Air Power. What does this mean?

AIR or air-injection technology is an example of Hansgrohe's drive towards innovation. Raindance AIR showerheads and handshowers provide enhanced spray performance and quality water intensity being increased with the help of AIR infusing into the water. The result creates an invigorating shower experience while not utilizing more water doesn’t come from more water usage, but from infusing AIR into the water, thereby creating a more voluminous feeling.

In which situation is it advised to use a pressure balance valve and when should one use a thermostatic valve?

Plumbing codes in the US demand that showers be outfitted with either a pressure balance valve or a thermostatic valve. Both valve types prevent injury due to thermal shock, yet these valve types work completely differently.

Pressure balance valves are most commonly used in guest baths or small shower systems. This type of valve is adequate to meet the strict plumbing codes regarding thermal shock. Thermostatic valves, however, are a better way to go, especially in situations where more flow is needed. This type of valve offers more comfort because once a desired temperature has been selected, this valve keeps the mixed water temperature constant even between showers. It also compensates for temperature changes in the water supply.

What are the functions of the Trio Diverter & the Quattro Diverter? How do they differ?

Our Quattro Diverter valve consists of one in-port and three out-ports. This is a true diverter valve that allows for the mixed water to be diverted to one of three ports or a combination of any two simultaneously. This valve needs to be installed with a separate volume control.

The Trio Diverter valve consists of one in-port, two out-ports and an integrated volume control. This valve can control the flow to either one port or both ports simultaneously. In addition, this valve also controls the water volume. Hence, the installation of a separate volume control is not necessary with this item. * Do not install this item with a pressure balance valve 13408181.

What are the flow rates for handshowers, bodysprays and showerheads?

All Hansgrohe products conform to national water conservation regulations. Therefore, all showerheads, handshowers and bodysprays are limited to a maximum flow of 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute). Some handshowers and showerheads are considered low-flow which means they have have a maximum output flow rate of 1.5GPM-1.75GPM. Many of our smaller bodysprays achieve optimal performance at 1.0 GPM.

Shower systems

I would like to install a showerpipe, but the bathroom is not fully tiled. Is there a solution for this?

A tile spacer for showerpipes is available, which gives 7 mm adjustment. The corresponding item number can be found in the relevant installation manual.

Warranty and guarantee

Is the manufacturer’s guarantee for the product invalidated when service parts are replaced?
Among others, an essential prerequisite for maintaining our guarantee conditions is the professional installation of the product. When replacing spare parts, this process is detailed in the service instructions. We have compiled further information on this subject in our guarantee conditions.
How long is the warranty period for Hansgrohe products?

If you are a consumer who purchased the product for use primarily for personal, family or household purposes, this warranty extends for as long as you own the product and the home in which the product is originally installed. If you purchased the product for use primarily for any other purpose, including, without limitation, a commercial purpose, this warranty extends only (i) for 1 year, with respect to Hansgrohe & Commercial products, and (ii) for 5 years, with respect to Axor products.

Whom should I contact if I have complaints?

Hansgrohe distributes its products to its customers exclusively via wholesale trade and specialist retailers (the so-called three-stage distribution channel). Therefore, this means the customer has a warranty claim primarily against the specialist retailer / seller, but not against the manufacturer. In case of any complaints, please contact the outlet where you purchased your product.

However if you need to contact Hansgrohe directly with any complaints or product question you can contact our customer service or technical services department and they can assist you with your needs.  The phone number is 1-800-334-0455, dial "1" for customer service or '2" for technical service.  You can also send an email to either departments, for customer services click here and for technical service click here.   Fill out the appropriate text boxes then submit your request and you will recieve a request in 24 to 48 business hours.

Does Hansgrohe offer a guarantee voluntarily in addition to the legal warranty?

Top quality is a fundamental component of Hansgrohe’s company philosophy. We therefore offer consumers a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on our products. You can find the prerequisites and details of this guarantee in the warranty section

Cleaning and care

How do I clean my Hansgrohe products correctly?

We have compiled information on maintaining the sheen and function of Hansgrohe products for the long term: To the cleaning recommendations.

Can the complete overhead shower be washed in the dishwasher?
The plastic parts of the shower are not designed to withstand the high temperatures seen in the drying program of the dishwasher. Only the metal spray disc is suitable. The exact procedure is clearly depicted in the enclosed installation manual.


Where can I get installation instructions or a spec sheet on a particular product?

There are two reasons for this. One, it is easier for Hansgrohe, and your dealer, to order and store the separate trims and roughs. Second, only the rough-in is needed during actual construction. The trim is not needed until the job is complete. By not having the trim on the job site during construction, the purchaser has some protection from loss and damage.

Where can I find the spare parts catalogue, dimensional drawings and installation manuals for the products?

Information about spare parts and technical publications, such as dimensional drawings, installation manuals or service instructions can be found at Hansgrohe PRO – the website for our professional target group.
This website also offers bathroom planning information, tips and tricks for consulting services, planning and installation and much more. 

To Hansgrohe PRO – the website for professionals

Thermostats and valves

The handle of the shut-off/diverter valve on the thermostat is stiff. How can this problem be rectified?

There are several possible reasons for the handle being stiff. For example, deposits on the sealing surfaces may lead to stiffness. Please replace the component according to the enclosed installation manual. For more information, please refer to your installation instructions, you can also find them online by searching for your specific product.

The button on the safety lock of the thermostat handle sticks. What can I do?
In all probability, either the button is calcified or the spring is defective. Clean the spring and button, then grease them lightly. The parts may have to be replaced, if needed. The spare parts number can be found in the installation manual or in the online spare parts catalog.
After installation of the ShowerSelect or ShowerTablet, the button cannot be pressed or has no function.

The green safety clamp was not removed from the valve when the faucet was installed. Dismantle the visible parts and remove the clamp.

The seal between the button and escutcheon may not have been greased. Lightly grease the seal with silicon grease.
Can I set the water volume on the ShowerSelect products?
The water volume cannot be set on the ShowerSelect products. On the new Raindance Select handshowers, you have the possibility of switching between a soft or hard jet type. A wide range of EcoSmart handshowers are available as particularly water-saving solutions. On overhead showers, the pleasurable shower experience is usually of key importance. The flow performance on the overhead showers has been tailored accordingly.
The mounting screw is missing on the replacement handle for my concealed thermostat faucet. How do I install the handle correctly?

Since 2012, the thermostat handles are snapped into place. The mounting screw is no longer necessary. Handles are now only snapped into place, and can be removed again at any time with a firm pull.