Helpful information about your bathroom & kitchen products

A thousand tips and pieces of background information

There is so much to consider when renovating a bathroom, how do you conserve water without losing pressure?  What is the best way to care for your bathtub?  What type of sink goes with what type of faucet?  Not to worry – hangrohe is here to help you through this process, from the product guide to tips on conserving water. These helpful information has got you covered.


Thanks to the silicon nozzles, limescale can be cleaned from Hansgrohe showers by simple rubbing.

For lasting pleasure with Hansgrohe bathroom products: Our maintenance tips ensure that your favorite bathroom products will retain their sheen even longer.

Hansgrohe’s tips for saving water: It is becoming increasingly important to conserve this precious resource – every drop counts

Consider the environment while enjoying the design – enjoy unrestricted comfort despite water savings: Here are some practical everyday tips you can use.

Glossary of words and alphabets showering down

What is ...? Find out more about important terminology from the world of Hansgrohe. The guide includes technical background information on faucets, showers, bathroom objects and other Hansgrohe products.

Training manager explains Hansgrohe products

Two handle faucets, concealed installation, pillar tap etc.: You will also come across some technical terms on our website. We explain the most important of these in a glossary.

Certification for water savings, disabilities act, environment protection

Hansgrohe products improve life in many areas. This is evidenced by certifications ranging from personal comfort to safety, through to environmental protection.   

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