Retailer in consultation

Why work with a Professional?

Be on the safe side, use a bathroom professional and specialist 

Do you buy your flat-screen TV on the street?  Do you let amateurs install your furnace? The truth is: When it comes to investments and complex technology, we put our trust in reliable partners if we want our purchases to last longer. Hansgrohe highly recommends that you take the professional plumber route, since they will install the high-quality products professionally. Why?

Enjoy consultation and service

Consumer electronics and computers are not the only things that are now becoming more sophisticated and offer more than their predecessors did. Faucets, showers and concealed installation technology in the bathroom are also being continually developed further and improved: our trade partners are well trained on Hansgrohe products and can offer you a wide product selection and assist you with suggestions.

  • Benefit from the showroom specialist's many years of experience.
  • Use your regional showroom specialist's skills for personal consultation, planning and tailor-made solutions on-site. 
  • Enjoy the security of having a contact nearby when you need fast service
  • Working with a showroom specialist's allows you to have a guaranteed installation schedule – which is an advantage for you!
  • Hansgrohe’s manufacturer’s guarantee recommends professional installation of our quality products – to be on the safe side, use a specialist retailer.  Find one in your area by clicking here.

Reliability comes at a price

The fact that you don’t get anything for free is also true for the quality characteristics and the award-winning design of Hansgrohe products. In order for you to enjoy your dream bathroom, the products should undergo a thorough technical inspection by the manufacturer. Everything needs to match. Imitation products and questionable sources don’t offer this security. High-quality products – including adherence to strict environmental standards – and personal service all come at a price. However, you have durability and a sense of peace in your bathroom.

Visit your retailer and experience your dream bathroom or kitchen

What suits me best? Which requirement does my bathroom or kitchen need to fulfill? Experience your new bathroom or kitchen first-hand: get a complete picture of our collections and new bathroom lines. Come and see a showroom and experience design and technology in a life environment. In addition to a wide selection of products, your dealer also offers planning services which you can study in the comfort of your own home and with your family.

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