Pontos AquaCycle: Reusing water

Graywater recycling actively protects resources

Let’s join together to tackle the wastage of precious drinking water. The Pontos AquaCycle system is as simple as it is ingenious: take the wastewater from the shower or bathtub, recycle it and reuse it – for example for flushing the toilet or watering the garden, where drinking water quality is not required. You thereby reduce your water consumption and wastewater volume by up to 50%. The added bonus: the patented Pontos AquaCycle technology works purely biomechanically, i.e. without any chemical additives.

The recycled water from the Pontos AquaCycle is reused for the following purposes:

  • Toilet flushing
  • House cleaning
  • Road cleaning 
  • Irrigation
  • Car washing, etc.

Who can use Pontos AquaCycle?

  • Housing estates, apartment buildings, student halls of residence
  • Hotels, guest houses, hostels
  • Swimming pools, urban cleaning services
  • Leisure, sports and fitness centers

Graywater recycling: a future without chemicals

Pontos offers systems from a process water demand of 2,000 liters per day. Depending on the application area, this corresponds to the consumption of about 30 people. Graywater is cleaned in a multi-stage process and disinfected by UV-radiation. The recycled water is hygienically clean. It meets the quality specifications of the EC directive for bathing water.

The benefits of Pontos AquaCycle at a glance:

  • Patented biomechanical cleaning without chemical additives
  • Consistently high water quality
  • Low running costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Non-weather dependent, closed system

Green Building certification

The architecture of the future is sustainable. Graywater recycling helps lower operating costs and enables the issuance of Green Building certificates. This improves your property’s value in the long term. Our particular recommendation: combining graywater recycling with heat recovery. The Pontos AquaCycle and HeatCycle systems can be used individually or together.