Design makes all the difference

Hansgrohe is one of the leading idea providers in the industry. Creativity is key to the success of the products from the Black Forest.

The best ideas for the bathroom – a bathroom that optimally adapts to individuals’ needs. Creativity and innovation are at the heart of the Hansgrohe company philosophy. This includes designers who promote forward thinking on bathrooms and develop innovative ideas for even greater bathroom enjoyment, showering comfort and well-being for customers around the world.

It is only natural that Hansgrohe works with internationally renowned creative minds. Cooperation has led to the creation of both modern and timeless products and bathroom collections, which customers can use to create their own, personal wellbeing bathrooms. Renowned architects and designers from all over the world are regularly invited by Hansgrohe to develop and present their bathroom visions in joint events.

Hansgrohe is a design leader in the industry

Many of the most important international design awards and seals of approval for product and design quality find their way to Hansgrohe. In the continuously updated company ranking of the independent International Forum Design, Hansgrohe leaves its competitors from the sanitation industry far behind.
Design at Hansgrohe is therefore neither an end in itself nor a mere matter of sporting competition. Good design is always created in conjunction with technological opportunities to achieve the highest levels of aesthetic and functional quality. Design is therefore becoming a quality feature that has long been recognized as a distinguishing feature for company development. This acts as the basis for the success of the branded products from the Black Forest in global competition.

iF company ranking, 6th place for hansgrohe

The Hansgrohe Group is ranked no.1 in the industry, and is the top-placed German company (iF). ©iF

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