Around 3,300 employees all over the world contribute to Hansgrohe’s success.

The people who make Hansgrohe: our employees in 2013

The family has grown again in 2013

Employees are the backbone of the Hansgrohe Group. Thanks to their skills and commitment, they play a decisive role in the continuing success of the company. 3,501 staff were employed around the world at the Hansgrohe Group at the end of 2013. With an increase of 57 employees compared to the previous year, there has again been a slight growth in the Hansgrohe family. As of December 31, 2013, a total of 2,195 staff were employed at the Hansgrohe SE sites within Germany (2012: 2,178). The proportion of employees in Germany was thus around 63 percent of the entire workforce.

Profit-sharing for all employees

The positive business development once again allowed the company to share profits among its staff at the end of the year under review. A total of €1.1 million was paid out to all employees at our German sites – including temporary agency staff.

Health management and promotion of talent across the board

As a strong employer brand, Hansgrohe has set itself the goal of creating a working environment that allows all employees to work to their full potential. This includes training and development, healthcare and employability and the reconciliation of family and working life. At 3.7 percent, absenteeism due to illness in the past financial year was under the national average across Germany. However, the company is continuing its efforts to improve these figures together with the health management team. One example of this is the “Fit in production” campaign at Schiltach West. In addition to keynote speeches on nutrition and fitness, practical exercises were also carried out at the Hansgrohe Wellness Test Center in 2013.

New applications and young talent – ready for the future

The number of applications received from all over Germany in 2013 was very pleasing. An extensive introductory program, interesting project work and tasks with high levels of responsibility helped to reinforce the ties between young employees and Hansgrohe SE – an important plus point taking into consideration the emerging shortage of specialist staff and managers. Good contacts with young employees were also made possible thanks to regular company appearances at graduate recruitment fairs, together with in-house workshops for students from all fields and lectures by Hansgrohe management at international high schools and universities.

Training – promoting talent and uncovering hidden treasure

Hansgrohe is currently training 137 young professionals in more than 25 professions at its sites in Germany. With a training quota of 6.3 percent, the company is well above the national average in the metalworking industry. As part of technical training, Hansgrohe places great importance on social skills, presentation techniques, IT skills and health-related topics. The Hansgrohe Group is also able to give young employees attractive opportunities in working abroad. An important milestone was achieved in 2013 with the opening of the Hansgrohe training center in Schiltach. A total of 1,200 square meters is now available for intensive training programs.

The Hansgrohe family includes:

3,501 employees all over the world

2,195 of whom work in Germany

1,306 of whom work outside Germany