Design classics surround a modern sofa, bringing the rocking fifties back to life – successful retro by Fritz Hansen.

Retro Look

Don’t I know you from somewhere? Where old is suddenly new again.

Shell chairs, neon colors, trendy patterns and furniture with a nostalgic feel: Designers are currently mixing together lively styles from the fifties and sixties. In today’s fast-moving world, this gives a feeling of familiarity and security – we know the style because we were there the first time! Not always – but more than ever.

What began with the rediscovery of the lava lamp a few years ago has now taken over many areas of living. The wave of nostalgia is not only profitable for junk shops and auction houses, but also for online traders and designers. Objects previously described as modern antiques are now “retro” or “mid-century modern”. The organic shapes, graphic patterns and often delicate frames convey some of the rediscovered ease of living from the post-war period, together with modern, abstract artistic styles. The “swinging sixties” are back again.

The magic is in the mixture

Brown, green and orange? As long as it’s mixed together! The retro look is seldom celebrated on its own – instead, it is mixed with other influences. The style mix is often described as being eclectic. One of the most successful creative minds of today also uses this to describe her work: Patricia Urquiola is a vivacious designer who has designed a multi-faceted and feminine bathroom with Axor for the Axor Urquiola collection.

Designers are not the only ones currently on a retro trip – other branches are also inspired by traditional shapes and forms. These include car manufacturers who reinterpret classic models or Internet radios that look like traditional portable radios. The rediscovery of horn-rimmed glasses and trendy wallpaper is also part of the retro trend. There are many examples of manufacturers taking classic shapes and reviving them – with new, unusual colors the easiest way of doing so. “Old masters” are then suddenly modern again – the old becomes the new.

The Internet never forgets

With countless blogs dealing with special interests, the Internet offers a wide range of prominent examples, not to mention rediscoveries. Take a look here, for example:

The retro trend

  • Padded shell chair in orange – a perfect example of the retro trend.
  • Internet radio in the casing of an old portable radio from the 1950s.
  • Standard lamps in the minimalist, functional Bauhaus design, newly presented by Lumini.
  • Trendy wallpaper designs and large-format graphics.
  • Small drawer cabinet with front in neon-yellow and neon-green.
  • Veneered bathroom furniture with Duravit countertop sink, combined with Axor Citterio faucet.
  • Cordless phone in sixties design, when phones still had a fork rest and rotary dial.
  • Basin and bathtub from the Axor Urquiola bathroom collection.
  • New wallpapers with large floral patterns are inspired by past styles in the home.
  • Balloon-shaped suspended lamps made from glass – as inspired by Chinese lanterns. © foscarini
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