A colorful mix of patterns on the textiles gives the living space a brighter feel.

Mix and match as you please: Graphic and floral patterns compete with other furnishing fabrics, as seen at Missoni in Milan.

The Joy of Patterns

Design in all its glory: Patterns on the wall welcome visitors, while surface structures in the living space make the room enchanting.

Vivid graphics are spread over the wall, imaginative designs offer visual appeal and design ideas from nature adorn the living environment. Upholstery and floors are also more colorful: Living and decoration are interlinked once again. Wall tattoos are very popular, and give the living area a changeable contemporary theme. Flowing wallpaper designs evoke the styles of the seventies. Coolness and elegant purism are left aside for a moment: The decoration trend shows individuality, and lets others into your own personal inspirations.

Patterns and colors appeal to the senses

Some patterns trigger old memories, while others look into the future. From baroque to pop art and from nature to the inspirations of the city: Design ideas on walls stimulate fantasies, awake feelings and epitomize personal lifestyles. Patterns also redefine the concept of feel-good rooms: A wall tattoo above the bed can give a certain signal, while photo-realistic wallpaper can give a theme. A birch forest or cityscape in the room is not a taboo.

Structures and surfaces: The 3D trend enters the room

Wall design is now also experiencing trends towards a haptic experience. More and more new tiles have relief-like or structured surfaces which play with the light in different ways. Many new wallpapers also have three-dimensional surfaces where the design leaps out. With these designs, a room can be given an exciting, long-lasting style.

Decoration in the modern bathroom – also with Axor

The trend of merging living, sleeping and bathing into one another also brings new design ideas into the bathroom. These include moisture-tolerant wallpaper, colored patterns on white ceramics and decorations on shower screens. In particular, these glass screens previously had a more pure and invisible design. Also decorative and in no way puristic – the Axor Urquiola paravent, which is both a radiator and room divider: A cloud pattern adorns its metal surfaces. The paravent is part of the Axor Urquiola collection, and shows the typical playful hallmarks of designer Patricia Urquiola.

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Charlotte Abrahams presents the history of wallpaper and over 150 high-quality patterns (Callwey).

  • These new cupboard elements have a design-rich surface. As seen at Casamania, Milan.
  • Retro wall tattoos are affixed like a banner, as seen at www.wandtattoos.de.
  • The wall behind the flatscreen TV is richly patterned, while the rest of the room has a more purist style – a stark contrast.
  • The Dechirer tile range from Mutina has a fine surface structure – just like a blanket with sewn details.
  • The new shower screen from Hüppe shows a new desire for design on the glass.
  • The tiles (Marazzi) show a fine black-and-white pattern, the WC and bidet (Hatria) have a floral design (Photo: © Marazzi Group S.p.a.).
  • Floral patterns are timeless, as Marazzi proves with these black-and-white wall tiles (Photo: © Marazzi Group S.p.a.).
  • These wall tiles from Marazzi have a fine floral pattern in pastel colors (Photo: © Marazzi Group S.p.a.).
  • Porcelain accessories with red floral patterns from Decor Walther (Photo: © Decor Walther).
  • The Axor Urquiola paravent with cloud pattern. It is both a radiator and room divider.
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